The 2023 event schedule


  • Saturday December 9 at the Netherwood Church, Albuquerque, NM from 9 am to 2 pm the TTOSNMD will be having a toy train swap meet. (see directions page) You can find many trains, train parts, trains sets, tracks, transformers and diorama for O gauge, HO gauge, G gauge and many more types as well. There are also train repair specialist quite often who can help you out with your train problems too. The clubs spectacular operating train set will also be present, so bring some trains to run on our train set. You can talk with many train enthusiasts and share experiences about trains. The Mighty Casey riding train maybe available for young enthusiast. This is a family friendly environment. See us on Facebook as well.


  1. I have a large amount of pre and post war lionel, marx and American flyer trains to sell. Is it possible to rent a table at your Dec 3 meet?

  2. Is there anyone in Las Cruces who can help with some tests of old Lionel O gauge locomotives? Trying to get an old set up and running again.

  3. Greetings Is there a swap meet on sept 22nd and october 6th ?
    I picked up a flyer for oct 6th but see no mention of it here

    thanks John
    your right, and I have changed the events, I am always the last to know. Thanks

  4. I belong to a club called NM townspeople, a Dept 56 collectors club.
    Dept 56 if your not familiar with is Christmas village type ceramic houses, that can also be used in train displays like mine are, my question is we are trying to recruit new interests and members for our club, could I set up a table with some of our houses, possible train, and flyers to introduce some train operators and spectators to us. and what would the cost to do that be. Thank you for any assistance

  5. My husband has a client whose husband passed away, the husband worked for the railroad for years, & the wife has an extensive collection of toy trains & other railroad pharaphernalia (puzzles, books, videos, lanterns, Morse code communication devices, bells used for bell hops & more). Some still in original packaging. The wife has her son still putting models together, still unpacking. Can you suggest where she can go to advertise the sale of all she would like to sell? She will keep some, but has a huge collection she would like to sell.

    1. Yes please come down to our next event or one of the upcoming events. Many of our members are collectors and would likely be interested. Are you interested in joining our club?

  6. I am looking for a train layout that is already built custom I have already bought one from Colorado and looking for another one my name is Bill I can be reached at 505-231-8482 thanks

    1. Yes we can, please come down and meet us at one of our upcoming events. Many of our members build train sets for folks in any gauge, diorama type or size train set. See events page. Look forward to meeting you.

  7. I have three standard gauge train sets, lots of track, and transformer to run four trains. I also have on HO set. Where can I go to sell them and what would be a reasonable price? 610-8823 text or leave a message. thanks

    1. Thank you, we have a Toy Train Swap meet on December 14 (see events page) and I will forward your info to our coordinator. Wish you the best.

  8. Would you kindly e-mail me your 2020 regular meeting schedule–looking to join your group if your dates are open in my calendar.

    Thanks in advance,

    Ann Wood

    1. Good afternoon, please find included out schedule for 2020;
      Saturday February 22 TTOS Swap Meet 9am Netherwood Church
      Saturday August 22 TTOS Swap Meet 9am Best Western, Socorro, NM
      Saturday October 3 TTOS Swap Meet 9am Netherwood Church
      Saturday October 25 TCA Pumpkin Meet 9am Sheraton Uptown
      Saturday November 21 RARG Swap Meet 9am Sid Cutter, Balloon Museum
      Saturday November 22 RARG Swap Meet 9am Sid Cutter, Balloon Museum
      Saturday December 12 TTOS Swap Meet 9am Netherwood Church
      Once you are a member the other meetings will be forwarded to you, but most member meetings are on a Saturday. This is a security
      measure. We would welcome you to our club, this would also allow you to sell at our swap meets and to run trains on our train set.

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