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Club President is Tim O. #17784


Webmaster is Tim O. #17784



    1. Hi
      I have my old train set form the early 1950s That I would like to sell. I can provide details of the engine, cars and transformer all Lionel 027 gauge. I would appreciate any contacts that’s might be interested.


  1. I am the trustee for my brothers estate in La Jara, NM. My brother passed on 6 May 2019. For years he collected/purchased Marklin model train equipment to the point of occupying most of the second floor of 5000+ sq ft house. It is complete with mountains, bridges, control console, etc. Obviously the estate would like to sell it but anything would be tter than disposing in a dumpster.
    I anybody could make a suggestion, it would be appreciated.
    By the way, I live in Florida.

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